———— Our mold service ————

Mould design
More than 1000 sets of blow mould design experience, quality and technology are your most reliable choices
Baixing designers and project team members from different departments review customer special requirements, product characteristics and past records to seek a better design. Use mold flow analysis as a reference for optimizing cooling, filling, and water entry. The design of high-yield and high-efficiency molds comes from our accumulated experience and innovative design concepts
PET Preform Mould

The use of pneumatic needle valve type hot runner reduces labor costs, the leading hot runner system reduces the AA value, and designs a reasonable cooling water circuit to improve the cooling effect and shorten the cycle time.

Cap mould

We can design cap moulds of different styles and structures according to customer needs, and we have rich experience.

PET bottle blowing mould

No matter what your needs are, we can provide the perfect molds and hollow containers for all fields for your project.

———— High precision molding equipment ————

All molds are manufactured according to customer requirements and our innovations, we value every step of the manufacturing process, from design to mass production, seeking to be the best. You will feel that the molds produced by Yada have the advantages of high productivity and easy maintenance, and perfectly realize your product and production ideas. Baixing only selects high-quality materials to make molds, and the main steel comes from ASSAB/Uddeholm, Thyssen and Bohler
———— Quality assurance ————

In the entire manufacturing process, Baixing always pays attention to product quality. We review customer requirements, formulate control plans according to product characteristics, and pay attention to early quality planning and prevention.