Recycling and Utilization of Urban Sewage Speeds Up the Transformation of Water Supply Pipe Network

2022-02-26 10:26

According to industry insiders, companies that mainly provide water supply and drainage systems and municipal underground pipe network businesses deserve attention. In the reclaimed water operation market, according to the national "Twelfth Five-Year Plan", the utilization rate of reclaimed water will reach 15% in 2015. Industry insiders said that by 2015, the national membrane engineering construction market may reach 50 billion yuan. Listed companies with reclaimed water utilization and membrane technology as their main businesses are expected to benefit.

Xue Tao, executive director of the China Water Network Research Institute, said that the construction and operation of the pipeline network is the bottleneck of the sewage treatment industry. Whether it is a new pipeline network or the renovation of an old pipeline network, huge capital investment is required, and the pipeline network is packaged into the sewage treatment PPP. It is the next trend to promote the marketization of pipeline network investment and financing.

At the same time, Xue Tao said that to bring the pipeline network into the PPP model, whether it is the boundary of project rights and responsibilities or the return model of private capital, it is more complicated than before, and there is no typical case in China at present. "The investment scale of the supporting pipeline network generally exceeds the investment of the sewage treatment plant, or even several times that of the latter. With such a large investment scale, how to make private investors willing to participate, the key is to establish the financial ability of the investors to pay the local government. and trust in the compliance mechanism.”

It is understood that because the pipeline network project involves many levels, faces complex problems such as immigration and transportation during the construction process, and lacks a profit model, few external capitals are willing to enter.

"For sewage treatment projects in the PPP mode, what kind of financing model is used for the construction of the pipeline network, whether the construction and operation costs are added to the sewage treatment fee, or whether there are other better payment structures. It will affect the attitudes and choices of all parties involved." Xue Tao said.