Interpretation of the development prospects of the plastic pipe market

2022-02-26 10:27

In recent years, with the deepening of my country's reform and opening up and the country's increased investment in infrastructure construction, the domestic demand for plastic pipes has maintained an average annual growth rate of more than 15%, especially in the construction of urban water supply and drainage pipe networks. , plastic pipes play an increasingly important role. Compared with traditional cast iron pipes, plastic pipes have light bulk density and long service life. Generally speaking, the service life of plastic pipes is more than 50 years, which basically reaches the same service life as buildings.

In some special fields, the application of plastic raw material pipes is very large. For example, in the most eye-catching ground radiant heating industry, PE-Xa or PE-RT pipes are used as heating pipes to heat the entire room through floor radiation, which is comfortable, safe, and safe. The advantages of environmental protection and energy saving have gradually become the first choice for winter heating in northern regions.

At the same time, the application field of plastic pipes has been further expanded. In addition to the continued growth of municipal and building water supply and drainage pipes, agricultural (water supply, irrigation and drainage) pipes, rural people and livestock drinking water reconstruction, solar water pipelines, municipal sewage, ground source heat pump pipelines, communications , electric power, gas, heating, medical and other industries have increased the proportion of applications. Now plastic pipes have been widely used in building water supply, drainage, building heating, urban gas transmission, urban tap water, municipal drainage, sewage, rural drinking water transformation, agricultural irrigation, drainage, electricity, communication, industry and many other fields.

Plastic pipes not only have the advantage of corrosion resistance, but also with the continuous increase of the cost of copper and steel, the market of plastic raw material pipes for water transportation is booming.

With the acceleration of my country's urbanization construction, it has brought development opportunities to all walks of life, and has benefited a lot from urbanization construction. Since the construction of municipal pipe network is a relatively important link in urbanization, the development of the plastic pipe industry has also won a place.

As early as before 1995, the water supply, heating, drainage and sewage pipe networks laid in most cities were mainly gray cast iron pipes, ductile iron pipes and cement pipes. Industry insiders predict that this type of pipeline has the shortcomings of poor material, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. At present, the aging and corrosion are serious. The loss is increasing year by year, and it is imperative to update the pipeline network. Compared with traditional steel pipes, cast iron pipes, concrete pipes and other pipes, plastic pipes have obvious substitution advantages, which is another important growth point of the industry.

According to relevant statistics, at present, there are at least 240,000 kilometers of gray cast iron pipes with inferior materials, so the transformation of the old urban pipe network will bring huge space for the development of plastic pipes. At the same time, urbanization construction will inevitably increase investment in natural gas pipeline networks, urban drainage systems and other pipeline networks. Therefore, plastic pipes such as carat pipe and winding pipe have huge application space in the construction of municipal pipe network. With the acceleration of urbanization, they are facing rare development opportunities.