Popular Science: Instructions on Precipitation of Mineral Salts Produced by Drinking Natural Mineral

2019-09-10 19:31

Drinking natural mineral water is pure natural mineral water. In addition to metasilicic acid, it also contains a variety of minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium that are beneficial to the human body. The water source for drinking natural mineral water is groundwater, with a constant temperature of 25°C. The processing process is extremely simple, only simple physical filtration is performed, and no other substances are added. Before filling, the mineral salt composition in the water maintains the ionic state of the underground storage. After filling into bottles or barrels, the surrounding environment during transportation, storage and storage is different from the original underground environment, especially the temperature changes obviously, and the ion price changes, which in turn causes a small amount of mineral salts to crystallize out, making bottled drinking. Precipitation of mineral salts visible to the naked eye in natural mineral water. The sensory requirements in the GB8537-2008 "Drinking Natural Mineral Water" standard: "A very small amount of natural mineral salt is allowed to precipitate, but no other foreign matter is allowed". This feature is also the fundamental difference between drinking natural mineral water and other water types such as commercially available purified water and distilled water. These drinking water types contain almost no or very little natural mineral salts, so there will be no mineral salt crystallization. phenomenon.