A note on bubbles in purified water and mineral water

2022-02-26 10:22

A note on bubbles in purified water and mineral water

1. Reasons for the generation of bubbles: There are two reasons for the generation of bubbles in pure water and mineral water. Due to the pressure, the water is vigorously stirred in the bottle to generate bubbles; another reason is that our company adopts a non-polluting ozone sterilization process. During the sterilization process, the ozone originally dissolved in pure water decomposes oxygen to form bubbles.

2. The reason why the bubbles stay in the bottle: Since the pure water and mineral water are filled and sealed within a few seconds, the inside of the bottle is isolated from the outside world. At this time, the bubbles decomposed by ozone in the bottle enter In a relatively stable state, the large bubbles gradually rupture and disappear, and the small bubbles are relatively stable due to their large specific surface area.

3. The number of bubbles has no effect on the quality: Since the bubbles are normally generated in the production process, our company has strict control standards for the production environment and production process. The number of bubbles in this part will not affect the quality of pure water or mineral water. have any effect.

4. After the drinking water is shaken, the air in the drinking water bottle enters the water. Since the air (mainly composed of nitrogen, oxygen and a small amount of rare gases) is difficult to dissolve in the water, a small amount of small bubbles will be formed after shaking. in water.

5. After drinking water is shaken, the solubility of air in water changes, and part of the air originally dissolved in water is released to form small bubbles.

6. The effect of intermolecular forces is mutual, and the molecules are also in constant motion, showing a certain shape that can be seen by the naked eye. For example, stirring will dissolve, and heat energy will be converted into electricity.