Key Control Points of Blowing Production Process

2022-02-26 10:25

Mainly composed of: air, power supply, cooling, stretching

1. The air part consists of an air compressor, an air storage tank, a filter and a dryer. Under the premise of ensuring quality, air is divided into two categories: ① high pressure gas ② low pressure gas To ensure quality: high pressure gas must be between 25-30kg

    Low pressure gas must be produced at 11-12kg.

    At the same time, the filter and dryer must operate normally. Otherwise, oil and sewage will enter the bottle. 2. The blow molding machine must operate normally, and the requirements are: no water leakage, no leakage of electricity, no leakage of air, and normal voltage. The blow molding machine consists of a clamping cylinder, a tie rod cylinder and a crank arm. The blowing part is composed of high-pressure air pipe and blowing line

The infrared heating part of the blow molding machine is composed of a voltage regulator, an ammeter, and a motor heating lamp. At the same time, it has functions such as heating, heat preservation, and exhaust, and is controlled by a temperature controller. The data required to heat the tube blank is determined by the number of tube blanks. 3. Bottle blowing operation process: turn on the power, close the mold, seal, stretch, blow, keep pressure, exhaust, open the mold, stretch the rod, open the bottle, etc.

The tea bottle blowing time is generally between 7-9 seconds, and the pressure holding time is 2 seconds.

Ordinary bottle: The blowing time of the wide-mouth bottle should not be less than 2 seconds, otherwise the operator will not have time to look at the bottle, and the quality will not be guaranteed.

Carbonated bottle: The blowing time is between 3.5-4.5 seconds. The 33g large water bottle is equal to the carbonated bottle. 4. The cooling system flow must be smooth during the production process.

The blowing time of 1.25L large fruit orange is between 12-15 seconds, and the pressure is maintained for 2 seconds. 1.5L large juice bottle, equal to 1.25L fruit orange. Other high temperature bottles are the same as the square tea bottles.